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Wed Apr 22 11:32:11 CEST 2015

Dear R-list members
I am using “stat_summary” in ggplot to plot a  error bar graph comparing three treatmens (damage, see code below).
I would like to change the shape of the three symbols displaying the mean values (e.g one symbol should be a point (default) one should be a triangle and one should be a square). Furthermore, I would like that the outlines of my error bars are black (and that I can fill them with whatever color I want ( I used white, black and gray65).

Does Anyone of you know how to solve these problems?

I use the following code:

line<-ggplot(data,aes(leaf,cor_average,fill=damage, colour=damage))
#define x (leaf) and y (cor_average) variables within aes() and that they should be colored according to damage type
line+stat_summary(fun.y=mean, geom="point", size=3)+
#add mean as point symbol
stat_summary(fun.data=mean_cl_boot,geom="errorbar",width=0.3, size=0.75)+
#add CI : width=width of CI whiskers, size=widht of the CI bar
labs(x="Leaf",y="Average nr. glands corrected for leaf sz.")

Thank you very much,

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