[R] Two Factorial Experiment with a Single Control Group

Darcy Trimpe darcy.m.trimpe at wmich.edu
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Good Morning, 

I am not asking for a method by how to implement, if possible, the method in R. I am pretty confident of my statistical approach, I do not want to do it by hand :-). Although, I do have the formulas to do it by hand. The groups are measured once. The animal is treated short or long term unilaterally and not at all on the contralateral side. Each animal provides a no tx and tx value taken at the same end point. The external controls have had neither side treated. I have included a sample data table below: 

	Duration 	No Tx 	TX 
	acute 	7 	9 
	acute 	5 	8 
	acute 	4 	7 
	3 weeks 	21 	23 
	3 weeks 	28 	27 
	3 weeks 	26 	29 
		No Tx 	No Tx 
	Control 	3 	2 
	Control 	4 	5 
	Control 	7 	9 

Thanks for your continued help. 
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> Hi,

> I'm not 100% sure I understand your approach. Right now it sounds
> more of a methods question than a R question.

> Here's what I understood so far:
> 1. you have 3 groups: no treatment at all, acute treatment, treatment
> over 3 weeks.
> 2. you measure those 3 groups: initially, after 3 weeks.

> That sounds to me that you have only 1 factor with 3 levels, and
> measure your dependent variable twice. This would yield a typical
> one factorial within-design.

> But I somehow feel that is not really your design. Can you provide an
> example table for the factor combinations with example data (can be
> made up)?

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