[R] Smart detection of wrap width?

paul paul.domaskis at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 00:52:37 CEST 2015

I suspect that the answer is "no", but just in case, is there a way to
have R detect the window width and wrap accordingly?  I don't want to
set an option every time I dock a window or shrink it.

In my ideal paradise, R would not only format output according to
window width, but it would also me to specify a virtual window width.
So if I specify a virtual window width of 200 characters, and the
actual window width is 100, then the output has a carriage return at
the 200 character mark but I only see the 1st 100 characters of each
line of text (the rest being truncated from view).  And of course, the
user would be able to specify when the virtual width mirrors the
actual window width.

I know that this is dreaming in technicolour (which is not that
fantastical these days), but I would be pleasantly surprised if there
was a way to simply have the output wrap according to the actual
window width.

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