[R] Need online version of R help pages

paul paul.domaskis at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 23:02:00 CEST 2015

The help for the cygwin port of R is buggy and hides random lines of
text.  Consquently, I've been relying on Google, but it is often not
clear how directly relevant the info is for the specific command that
I'm using.  For example, reshape is complicated, and has more than 1

Is there an online version of the help pages?

I tried looking for html versions of the help pages by ferruting
through the R.home() subtree.  Haven't found them so far.  There are
package pages in subdirectories <package>/html/00Index.html, but they
just contain links to html files that don't reside in my R.home()
subtree.  There are also subdirectories <package>/help, but they
contain pages that I don't recognize (*.rds, *.rdb, *.rdx).

Getting desparate here, and realizing how the web is not in any way a
substituted for locally available help pages that you can be confident
is right for your installation.

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