[R] adding a bravais pearson test to spplot

fathalli bilel bilelfathalli at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 15 17:04:20 CEST 2015

Hi,First : thanks for your answerThis is my first post on the R-help forum and I'm not familiar with the way how to should post. I am not searching for "an example from scratch" as you said, I am able to build my own codes so I'm only looking for tips  : packages, functions that can help my issue (help that does not mean a "code" ready for use")I'm very polite and I'am shocked by the way your give your answer

     Le Mercredi 15 avril 2015 15h40, Jeff Newmiller <jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us> a écrit :

 Well, creating an example from scratch to show you how it is done can be a lot of work, and depending on your specific data such code can end up being wasted work. For this reason the polite thing to do is to provide a minimal reproducible example that list readers can use to start from. [1]

Also, you should read the Posting Guide, which warns you that the R mailing lists are plain text only, so if you post HTML as you did then at best we don't see what you see and at worst it is corrupted. The Guide also mentions that there are different lists with different topics, and the topic of your question is probably best addressed on the R-sig-geo mailing list. It looks nontrivial to me, but there might be a canned solution out there.
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>Dear all,
>My name is Bilel and I'am a PhD student from Tunisia working on climate
>modelling. My issue today is how to add a Bravais Pearson test as a
>contour plot to an existing spplot map. Precisely, I have plotted a
>SpatialPixelsDataFrame of Pearson correlation coefficients between
>simulated and observed precipitation over the Mediterranean basin using
>spplot and I need to now add a contour line of the statically
>significant correlation coefficient at 95% CI.I have been vainly trying
>for several days to solve this issue, so I really need your help please
>Best regards Bilel 
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