[R] Running R Remotely on LINUX

John Sorkin jsorkin at grecc.umaryland.edu
Tue Apr 14 22:09:43 CEST 2015

 I suggest that you investigate installing RStudio server on the Linux
Box. If you do this, you can logon to RStudio (on the Linux server), and
it will look exactly like RStudio running on a windows box. You may need
some help configuring the Linux box to allow access to port 8787, which
is the default port that RStudio Server uses. You may also have to set
port forwarding on your cable modem or firewall.

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>>> Jeff Newmiller <jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us> 04/14/15 2:54 PM >>>
You should investigate using the parallel package. You have to have R
installed on the Linux machine along with any contributed packages you
use, but you can delegate tasks to it from within an Rgui or RStudio
session running on your Windows box. There are even tutorials online
that step you through setting up a "cloud" computer to serve this

It is possible to install R under your own account on a Linux server,
but there are more hiccups to overcome in doing so. There is a small
charge for using cloud servers, but if you use it right then the cost
can be quite cheap.

Note that while you can set up Windows servers in the cloud, they are
not as well suited to this remote use as Linux servers are, so it is
worth the effort to learn enough to do that.
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On April 14, 2015 9:57:28 AM PDT, Michael Haenlein
<haenlein at escpeurope.eu> wrote:
>Dear all,
>I am used to running R locally on my Windows-based PC. Since some of my
>computations are taking a lot of time I am now trying to move to a
>remote R
>session on a LINUX server but I am having trouble to getting things
>I am able to access the LINUX server using PuTTY and SSH. Once I have
>access I can log in with my username and password (which is asked
>keyboard-interactive authentication). I can then open an R session.
>Since I am not used to working with LINUX, I have several questions:
>(1) Ideally I am looking for a Windows-based software that would allow
>to work on R as I am used to with the difference that the computations
>run remotely on the LINUX server. Does a software like this exist?
>note that I do not think that I can install any software on the LINUX
>server. But I can install stuff on my Windows-based PC.
>(2) I am running an extensive simulation that takes about one week to
>Right now it seems that when I log out of R on LINUX and close PuTTY,
>the R
>session closes as well. Is there a way to let R run in the background
>the week and just check into the progress 1-2 times a day?
>(3) Can I open several instances of R in parallel? On my PC I sometimes
>have 2-3 windows open in parallel that work on different calculations
>save time. Not sure to which extent this is possible on LINUX.
>I assume that this questions are very naïve. But since I’m only used to
>working with Windows I’m quite stuck at the moment. Any help would be
>Thanks in advance,
>Michael Haenlein
>Professor of Marketing
>ESCP Europe
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