[R] Revolutions blog: March 2015 roundup

David Smith david at revolutionanalytics.com
Mon Apr 13 17:48:29 CEST 2015

Since 2008, Revolution Analytics staff and guests have written about R
every weekday at the Revolutions blog:
and every month I post a summary of articles from the previous month
of particular interest to readers of r-help.

(By the way, Revolution Analytics is now officially part of Microsoft,
and the blog will continue. More details at http://bit.ly/1IFZBuo .)

In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
month of March:

Overview of "Targeted learning" packages for R, including SuperLearner
and tmle: http://bit.ly/1IFZBun

The 7 most common R error messages, by frequency of mentions on
StackOverflow: http://bit.ly/1IFZBum

Slides and a webinar replay on reproducible data analysis with R and
the "checkpoint" package: http://bit.ly/1IFZA9W

Review of the book "Hands-On Programming with R" by Garrett Grolemund:

R users are invited to participate in the 2015 Rexer Data Mining
Survey: http://bit.ly/1IFZA9X

Using the "smbinning" package to discretize continuous data for
machine learning: http://bit.ly/1IFZBuq

Analyzing the nocturnal activities of New Yorkers via their Instagram
posts: http://bit.ly/1IFZBur

Gradient-boosted trees with the rxBTrees function in Revolution R
Enterprise: http://bit.ly/1IFZBut

New features in the updated "checkpoint" package for reproducible data
analysis: http://bit.ly/1IFZBus

Thoughts on using Vim as an interface to R: http://bit.ly/1IFZA9Y

An article on the impact of open source software on data science
features R: http://bit.ly/1IFZBuu

A new white paper describes the architecture of a DeployR server for
connecting R to other applications: http://bit.ly/1IFZA9Z

A surprising simulation to calculate pi: http://bit.ly/1IFZAa0

How to track the progress of parallel and distributed computations
with a progress bar: http://bit.ly/1IFZAa1

A brief summary of new features in R 3.1.3: http://bit.ly/1IFZAa2

An overview of the Hadleyverse, the collection of R packages by Hadley
Wickham: http://bit.ly/1IFZBuv

Analysis of activity in R user groups shows a recent spike in
meetings: http://bit.ly/1IFZBuw

Tools to extract and compare colors from images with R, and finding
the true colors of "that dress": http://bit.ly/1IFZAa3

Using Domino's new "R Notebook" to explore data with interactive
graphics: http://bit.ly/1IFZAqg

Computerworld's "R for Beginners" hands-on guide is now available as a
downloadable PDF: http://bit.ly/1IFZBux

General interest stories (not related to R) in the past month
included: a musical domino cascade (http://bit.ly/1IFZAqh), a deep
zoom into the Mandelbrot Set (http://bit.ly/1IFZBuy), a culinary
celebration of Pi day (http://bit.ly/1IFZAqi), and an unusual undersea
perspective (http://bit.ly/1IFZAqj).

Meeting times for local R user groups (http://bit.ly/eC5YQe) can be
found on the updated R Community Calendar at: http://bit.ly/bb3naW

If you're looking for more articles about R, you can find summaries
from previous months at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/roundups/.
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blogtrottr.com, or join the Revolution Analytics mailing list at
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As always, thanks for the comments and please keep sending suggestions
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