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Consider the line below:

for(r in a)for (s in a) x=rbind(x,apply(replicate(1000,V(r,s)),1,mean))

V is a vector of (n-1) variables calculated by some rule and is a functions
of (r,s).  So the line above produces 1000 replicates of V for each (r,s),
puts them in a matrix, calculates the mean of them, and finally puts the
means for all (r,s) in a matrix. So the produced matrix, x, is the mean of
(n-1) V 's for each possible value of (r,s) in each row. Now for simplicity
fix (r,s) in just one point and let n=5. So in each replicate we have only
one V which is a vector consisted of 4 variables. Name the elements of V as
U1, U2, U3 and U4. Then we can let

V(i) = [U1i , U2i , U3i , U4i]

which shows each row of V produced per replicate (i=1,2,...,1000).
Therefore we can say

x=[x1 , x2 , x3 , x4]

which is the vector of means calculated at the end. Now what I need is to
first calculate the vector below per replicate (i=1,...,1000):

Er(i) = [ |Ui1-x1| , |Ui2-x2| , |Ui3-x3| , |Ui4-x4| ]

where |A| shows the absolute value of A. Then I should calculate mean of
Er(i) 's and put the result in a vector. I just don't know how I can
calculate Er(i) 's in the given line above. On the other words, I don't
know where I should add the required code in the given line. Thanks for any
help in advance!

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