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Kristi Glover kristi.glover at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 8 19:49:47 CEST 2015

Hi R Users,
I was trying to  perfom multiple regression on resemblance matrices (MRMs). This technique in avaiable  in "ecodist" package  and looked at the example data to know how I need to organize my data set. I think the data is distance matrix but I was wondering the rows name. For example, there are (these are the subset of the data of "graze") 
         sitelocation forestpct
1.1.2001    12.187743     63.88
1.2.2001    12.186077     71.33
2.1.2001    12.406362     72.45
2.2.2001    12.416265     77.13
3.1.1998     8.409213     18.35

if we look at the first row, 1.1.2001: sitelocation (column) is 12.187.. which is the euclidean distance between two points (XY cordinates). But I was confused at the row name where 1.1.2001 which is to me is site1 and site1 of 2001. Isn't it supposed to be "0" if both are the same site.  I think I misunderstood it. Any one can help me about what it is? 

I put the example for your reference


Thanks for your help


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