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On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 7:44 AM, Christine Lee via R-help
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> To whom it may help,
> I am new to R.
> I have been tring to have a lattice plot in two strip levels: 4 stations in 2 years.
> I type in:
> histogram(~Raw.no10$Width|Raw.no10$Station*Raw.no10$Year, data=Raw.no10, layout=c(4,2),nin=30,xlab="Prosomal Width (mm)", strip=strip.custom(bg='white'),ylab="Frequencies",tick=-1,col='grey',as.table=TRUE)

In both examples, you're mis-stating the data. Given the data
argument, you do not need to restate the data source.

histogram(~Width | Station*Raw.no10$Year, data=Raw.no10,
layout=c(4,2),nin=30,xlab="Prosomal Width (mm)",

If that doesn't solve your problem, then please use
dput(head(Raw.no10), 20) to provide some example data, or create fake
data of the same structure.

Without a reproducible example that includes some sample data (fake is
fine), the code you used, and some clear idea of what output you
expect, it's impossible to figure out how to help you. Here are some
suggestions for creating a good reproducible example:

> The second level, i.e. Year, showed as "Raw.no10$Year" in the each of the lattice plot, instead of its respective year, such as "2002" and "2014".
> I changed to the following programme language, therefore:
> histogram(~Raw.no10$Width|Raw.no10$Station*Raw.no10$Year, data=Raw.no10, layout=c(4,2),nin=30,xlab="Prosomal Width (mm)", strip=strip.custom(bg='white',var.name=c("2002","2014")),ylab="Frequencies",tick=-1,col='grey',as.table=TRUE)
> in order to specify the variable names of the strip.
> Instead of showing "Raw.no10$Year", each of the lattice plot states "2014"!  They should have 4 plots showing "2002" and another 4 showing "2014".
> Could any one help indicating what has gone wrong?
> I am really helpless and frustrated now.  T_T
> Regards,
> Christine

Sarah Goslee

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