[R] open xlsx file using read.xls function of gdata package

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Fri Apr 3 21:07:01 CEST 2015

I had poor luck with gdata. I have had better luck with XLConnect. There is no single best package for this, since each seems to leverage efforts made in other languages (so there are non-R configuration requirements to keep working) and Excel is a proprietary moving target. In general YMMV when it comes to Excel data. In most cases I just export the data to CSV and avoid the issue.
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On April 3, 2015 11:24:29 AM PDT, Luigi Marongiu <marongiu.luigi at gmail.com> wrote:
>Dear all,
>I am trying to open excel files using the gdata package. I can do that
>using a .xls file, but the same file, containing the same data,
>formatted in .xlsx gives error (R does not recognize the pattern from
>where to start reading the data).
>Doen anybody knows whether it is possible to read .xlslx with this
>Am I missing another package to implement the reading of the .xlsx?
>Thank you
>PS: this is the error I get:
>> my.file <- "array.xlsx"
>> my.data<-read.xls(
>+       my.file,
>+       sheet="sheet x",
>+       verbose=FALSE,
>+       pattern="row name",
>+       na.strings=c("NA","#DIV/0!"),
>+       method="tab",
>+       perl="perl"
>+     )
>> Warning message:
>In read.xls(my.file, sheet = "sheet x", verbose = FALSE,  :
>  pattern not found
>The verbose version runs like this:
>    “array.xlsx”
>to tab  file
>    “/tmp/Rtmp2tAjzz/filef06102dd018.tab”
>Executing ' '/usr/bin/perl'
> 'array.xlsx' '/tmp/Rtmp2tAjzz/filef06102dd018.tab' 'sheet x' '...
>Loading 'array.xlsx'...
>Orignal Filename: array.xlsx
>Number of Sheets: 2
>Writing sheet 'sheet x' to file '/tmp/Rtmp2tAjzz/filef06102dd018.tab'
>Minrow=31 Maxrow=17310 Mincol=0 Maxcol=4
>  (Ignored 0 blank lines.)
>Searching for lines tfntaining pattern  row name ...
>Warning message:
>In read.xls(my.file, sheet = "sheet x", verbose = TRUE,  :
>  pattern not found
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