[R] Package build system adds line break in DESCRIPTION URL

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 16:25:24 CEST 2015

Daniel Lewandowski <daniel <at> nextpagesoft.net> writes:

> Has anybody noticed that if field URL in DESCRIPTION contains a uri with 
> 66 or more characters, then file DESCRIPTION in the resulting package 
> includes a line break at the beginning?
> So this (source DESCRIPTION):
> URL: 
> http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/data-tools/

> becomes (again file DESCRIPTION, but inside the package)
> URL:
> http://ecdc.europa.eu/en/data-tools/seroincidence-calculator-tool/
> This has been tested with R on Windows 8.1 (devel 01/04/2015 and 3.1.3) 
> and Linux Mint (3.1.3). It has many sad implications including not 
> acceptance of such packages to CRAN.

  (links line-broken above to make gmane happy).

  Haven't tested, but seems it would not be *too* hard to trace
through the code to see what's happening in the package-building
process.  Two thoughts:

 (1) as a workaround, could you use a URL-shortener such as tinyurl?
tinyurl allows you to specify a somewhat meaningful name for the
shortened URL, e.g. http://tinyurl.com/reproducible-000

 (2) this feels like it is more suitable for r-devel at r-project.org

  Ben Bolker

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