[R] Kruskal-Wallace power calculations.

Collin Lynch cflynch at ncsu.edu
Thu Apr 2 16:25:20 CEST 2015

Greetings, I am working on a project where we are applying the
Kruskal-Wallace test to some factor data to evaluate their correlation with
existing grade data.  I know that the grade data is nonnormal therefore we
cannot rely on ANOVA or a similar parametric test.  What I would like to
find is a mechanism for making power calculations for the KW test given the
nonparametric assumptions.  My perusal of the literature has suggested that
a simulation would be the best method.

Can anyone point me to good examples of such simulations for KW in R?  And
does anyone have a favourite package for generating simulated data or
conducting such tests?

    Thank you,

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