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Luis Fernando García luysgarcia at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 05:41:51 CEST 2015

Dear R experts,

I am making a selectivity analysis using the  package. Nevertheless, I am
having some troubles, and I would like to know if somebody know how to help

1) When changing the x-axis labels. The programm uses the name habitat
instead of the names specified in the file.

2) Is it possible to edit this plot, #3 (bottom-left), for example is it
possible to change the symbols style, the legend position or size? I do not
know how to edit this kind of data, if somebody has an example using this
package, I would really appreaciate it.


Please find attached the plot, the script and the respective plot

pse<-read.table("pseudos.txt", header=T)

(wiRatio <- widesI(Diet, Dis))
png(filename = "plotpseudos3.png", width = 500, height = 500)
opar <- par(mfrow=c(2,2))

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MSp	Orden	Dis	Diet
MSp52	Hemiptera	31	2
MSp84	Hemiptera	2	1
MSp92	Hymenoptera	47	2
MSp100	Hymenoptera	19	1
MSp101	Hymenoptera	31	28
MSp102	Hymenoptera	83	15
MSp104	Hymenoptera	77	40
MSp105	Hymenoptera	110	9
MSp106	Hymenoptera	41	3
MSp107	Hymenoptera	1	3
MSp108	Hymenoptera	1	2
MSp109	Hymenoptera	1	1
MSp110	Hymenoptera	1	1
MSp143	Mantodea	1	1
MSp164	Neuroptera	5	1
MSp176	Araneae	6	1
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