[R] Univariate results from MANOVA with Adonis?

Martina Ozan martina.ozan at helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 29 15:17:19 CEST 2014


I am using function Adonis in Vegan to do MANOVA. My response variable  
is a chemical profile of an insect composed of different chemical  
compounds (=my data columns). My predictors include factors as well as  
continuous variables. My question is: Is it possible to get out from  
adonis, in addition the multivariate result, also univariate results  
per chemical compounds versus each predictor? I would like to be able  
to pick out individual chemical compounds that are of interest from  
the rest (=those significantly associated/correlated with predictors).

thanks in advance

Martina Ozan, PhD researcher
Centre of Excellence in Biological Interactions
Department of Biosciences
PL 65 (Viikinkaari, 1)
FI-00014 Helsinki University
e-mail: martina.ozan (at) helsinki.fi

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