[R] splm package: Spatial weights matrix of the 103 Italian provinces

Millo Giovanni giovanni.millo at generali.com
Mon Sep 22 11:48:44 CEST 2014

Hello. The row numbers correspond to the standard Istat codes for Italian provinces, 103-version of course. I.e., 1=Torino, 2=Vercelli, ...
I am sending you a correspondence table by separate email.


> Hello,
> I'm using the spatial weights matrix of the 103 Italian provinces
> "itaww" of the package splm
> example:
> library(splm)
> data(itaww)
> itaww
> It is a matrix of 103 rows and 103 columns. Each row (and each column)
> corresponds to an italian province and I would like to know the row's
> names of the matrix (currently defined by numeric ID).
> Thank you for your help
> Alfonso

Ai sensi del D.Lgs. 196/2003 si precisa che le informazi...{{dropped:12}}

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