[R] [R-pkgs] CRAN submission of Hmisc 3.14-5

Frank Harrell f.harrell at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Sep 19 18:56:38 CEST 2014

An update to the Hmisc package is now on CRAN.  Some recent changes:

    * latex.summaryM: fixed bug in caption with test=TRUE.  Thanks: 
Yonghao Pua
    * combined.levels: sensed all NA vector, now return non-factor 
numeric instead
    * dataframeReduce: handle all-NA factor variable
    * subplot: replaced with latest version from TeachingDemos package 
by Greg Snow
    * latexTabular: fixed error in example in help file; result is not a 
    * latex: another test added in tests/latex.s
    * summaryP: removed observations with a right-hand-side variable missing
    * latex.summaryP: fixed bug with wrong column labels due to reshape 
reordering columns coming from factor levels alphabetically instead of 
by original levels
    * format.df: added % & <= >= to list of characters handled, the last 
two by going into math mode
    * latex.summaryP: use blank if denominator 0, instead of NaN
    * summary.formula: fixed problem with deparse formula.  Thanks: 
Andreas Kiermeier
    * describe: added relative information measure for numeric variables 
- a measure of how continuous the variable is
    * wtd.table: detect duplications using duplicated() instead of 
diff(x) to handle Inf.  Thanks: Benjamin Tyner
    * DESCRIPTION, NAMESPACE: multiple function changes to work in R-devel

See http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/Hmisc, 
https://github.com/harrelfe/Hmisc for more information.

Frank Harrell
Vanderbilt University

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