[R] Control color palette and legend in filled.contour

Karline Soetaert Karline.Soetaert at nioz.nl
Fri Sep 19 13:01:56 CEST 2014


This will not be simple using filled.contour, as this changes the layout from the figure.
You might try the function image2D from plot3D:

par(mfrow = c(2, 1))
par(mar = c(0, 4, 4, 2))
plot(0, axes = FALSE, frame.plot = TRUE)   # upper plot
par(mar = c(4, 4, 0, 2))
Col <- ramp.col(c("blue", "red"))
image2D(z = volcano, col = Col, xlab = "", contour = TRUE,
  colkey = list(side = 1, length = 0.5))

Hope it helps,

Karline Soetaert

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>>Dear all,

>I am having some difficulties trying to control color palette and legend of a filled.countour plot. 
>Basically, I am plotting volumetric soil moisture which ranges from 0 to 1 (although the data excerpt I'm providing here ranges from 0 to 0.4, my complete dataset ranges from 0 to 1). Low values mean dry soil and higher values denote wet soil.
>Instead of the default color palette, I would like to set a 'red to blue' palette with legend ranging from 0 (red) to 1 (blue). My final goal is to achive a color palette and legend similar to this figure: https://imageshack.com/i/exmVz5QSp. 
>A sample of my data (as well as an attemptive plot) can be reproduced with this code:

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