[R] the properties of a DATA to run DBSCAN in R

Maryam Heidari m.heidari.b at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:47:20 CEST 2014

hello everybody,

I have been trying to run "dbscan" algorithm on my data, my data round
40000 records which each of them has 3 attributes + plus the ID for each
the interesting thing is that when I run the "dbscan just on 3 attributes"
R gives me an ERROR regarding "stackoverflow" but when I run it including
the 4 attributes it runs with out any problem.
so is the problem with my data?!

this is statistics about my data
   att1                           att2                                att3
 Min.   :0.00000      Min.   :0.000000       Min.   :0.000000
 1st Qu.:0.01429    1st Qu.:0.000000     1st Qu.:0.000000
 Median :0.02857    Median :0.000000   Median :0.000000
 Mean   :0.02764    Mean   :0.001135    Mean   :0.000477
 3rd Qu.:0.02857    3rd Qu.:0.000000    3rd Qu.:0.000000
 Max.   :1.00000      Max.   :1.000000     Max.   :1.000000

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