[R] using edit to extract codes from vignette failed

Karl Ropkins K.Ropkins at its.leeds.ac.uk
Mon Sep 8 11:46:39 CEST 2014


edit(vignette("grobs",package = "grid"))

(edit is a method. It looks at the class of the first entry, name, to identify which method to use. See ?edit.  You want it to use edit.vignette, so you need to drop 'file=' so you pass the vignette to edit as the first argument or name=. Then edit will pass it to edit.vignette and it'll work. Or go direct: edit.vignette(vignette("grobs",package = "grid")). See ?vignette. Maybe the use of name as the first argument of a method is a little misleading? But you can work out what is going if you work through the help documentation.)


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Subject: [R]   using  edit to extract codes from vignette failed
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Dear expeRts,
? ? When i using the following code, i get a error as follows:

?edit(file=vignette("grobs",package = "grid"))
Error in edit.vignette(file = vignette("grobs", package = "grid")) :?
? argument "name" is missing, with no default

I investigated edit function, but still can't ?get codes from a vignette, May you help me?


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