[R] Operator proposal: %between%

Torbjørn Lindahl torbjorn.lindahl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 16:41:20 CEST 2014

Not sure if this is the proper list to propose changes like this, if it
passes constructive criticism, it would like to have a %between% operator
in the R language.

I currently have this in my local R startup script:

`%between%` <- function(x,...) {
  y <- range( unlist(c(...)) )
  return( x >= y[1] & x =< y[2] )

It allows me to do things like: 5 %between c(1,10)

and also as act as an "in_range" operator:
foo %between% a.long.list.with.many.values

This may seem unnecessary, since 5 >= foo[1] && foo<= foo[2] is also quite
short to type, but there is a mental cost to this, eg if you are deeply
focused on a complicated program flow, the %between% construct is a lot
easier to type out, and relate to, than the logically more complex
construct with && and <=/>=, at least in my experience.

Torbjørn Lindahl

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