[R] strange date format after extracting calendar data with RSQLite

Nuno Prista nmprista at ipma.pt
Wed Sep 3 13:07:45 CEST 2014


I have recently downloaded RSQLite with intention of using it to access 
googlecalendar data stored in Thunderbird "cache.sqlite" and 
"local.sqlite". Thunderbird exports the data just fine as a .ics file 
but when I access it directly from R using RSQLite function "dbGetQuery" 
I get strange dates. As an examples:

a date stored as
appears to me in R as

a date stored as
appears to me in R as

I have not been able to make sense of this and I have found no way to 
convert it back. I am wondering if anyone has experienced these issues 
or have any suggestions what is causing this and how to correct it.

Thank you,


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