Girija Kalyani smileismystyl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 07:37:08 CEST 2014

working configuration:
goal: want to perfrom ploygon clipping, giving bounding box values of my
study area and extract the area from world map.
 I followed:

> clip.extent <- as(extent(76.3700, 31.7439, 78.6541, 33.2653), "SpatialPolygons")

> proj4string(clip.extent) <- CRS(proj4string(WorldMap))> LSMap <- gIntersection(WorldMap, clip.extent, byid = TRUE)

Error :

In RGEOSBinTopoFunc(spgeom1, spgeom2, byid, id, drop_not_poly,
"rgeos_intersection") :
  spgeom1 and spgeom2 have different proj4 strings

Any help or assistance would be highly obliged

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