[R] Linear regression of 0/1 response ElemStatLearn (Fig. 2.1 the elements of statistical learning)

Denis Kazakiewicz d.kazakiewicz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 12:27:22 CEST 2014

In chapter 2 ESL book authors write: Let's look at example of linear 
model in a classification context
They fit a simple linear model g = 0.3290614 -0.0226360x1 + 0.2495983x2 + e,
where g is given with values 0 or 1. Then they made a decision boundary 
where yhat, if yhat>0.5 then yellow.

Question: There is a separation line on the x1x2 plot. Where did 
intercept and slope for this line come from?

In the ElemStatLearn R package, they simply put as abline( 
-coef(x.mod)[2]/coef(x.mod)[3]), where first term is the intercept, and 
second term is slope for this line


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