[R] Depth vs Temp graph for different transects

Tinus Sonnekus tsonnekus at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 12:52:17 CEST 2014

Hi All,

Have the following code. The graph works well plotting the 15 transect for
me however the legend shows a total of 22 transects. The original data has
22 transects numbered from 1 to 22. New data set got only 15. How can I get
the legend to show only the transects plotted.

# Create Line Chart

TAll <- read.csv("TAll Data.csv")

# convert factor to numeric for convenience
TAll$Tran <- as.numeric(TAll$Trans)
nTrans <- max(TAll$Trans)

# get the range for the x and y axis
xrange <- range(TAll$Temp)
yrange <- range(TAll$Depth)

# set up the plot
plot(xrange, yrange, ylim = rev(yrange), type="n", xlab="Temp (deg C)",
  ylab="Depth (m)" )
colors <- rainbow(nTrans)
linetype <- c(1:nTrans)
plotchar <- seq(1,1+nTrans,1)

# add lines
for (i in 1:nTrans) {
  tree <- subset(TAll, Trans==i)
  lines(tree$Temp, tree$Depth, type="b", lwd=1.5,
    lty=linetype[i], col=colors[i], pch=plotchar[i])

# add a legend
legend(xrange[-2], yrange[-2], 1:nTrans, cex=0.8, col=colors,
  pch=plotchar, lty=linetype, title="Transect")

Thanks for the help,

M.J. Sonnekus
PhD Candidate (The Phytoplankton of the southern Agulhas Current Large
Marine Ecosystem (ACLME))
Department of Botany
South Campus
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
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Port Elizabeth
South Africa

Cell: 082 080 9638
E-mail: tsonnekus at gmail.com

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