[R] ave(x, y, FUN=length) produces character output when x is character

Mike Miller mbmiller+l at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 10:28:58 CET 2014

On Thu, 25 Dec 2014, Mike Miller wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Dec 2014, Jeff Newmiller wrote:
>> You have written a lot, Mike, as though we did not know it.  You are 
>> not the only one with math and multiple computing languages under your 
>> belt.
> I'm not assuming that you and Bert don't know things, but I do expect to 
> have a wider audience -- when I search for things, sometimes I find my 
> postings from 10 years ago.  I'm probably not the only one.

To clarify one point:  I write some things to organize my own ideas.  I 
also think I'm not the only one who will want to see it.

I don't believe that I know more about R or programming than you guys do. 
I consider that an extremely remote possibility, at best.  That doesn't 
mean you are right about everything, or about any particular thing.


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