[R] Problems with spatial data for Masterthesis

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Fri Dec 19 19:17:34 CET 2014

The "over" function in the sp package should be able to do this for you.
One of the examples found in ?over says:

 # return the number of points in each polygon:
     sapply(over(sr, geometry(meuse), returnList = TRUE), length)

In that example, meuse contains the points and sr contains polygons,
analogous to your districts. Hopefully, when you loaded the kml file the
resulting object defines polygons.


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On 12/18/14, 1:23 AM, "Christian Brodbeck" <christiano.brodii at gmail.com>

>I write my masterthesis and don't know how I can count points in a
>spatial net.
>In practical I have a data set for carsharing usage in Berlin. It
>includes the Idletime of the cars with Long/lat coordinates for the
>certain places. So if I plot those points I have something like a cloud
>of points over the area of Berlin. SoMy task is, to find out, in which
>area of Berlin is the idletime of the carsharing the logest. Therefor I
>wanted to cluster the innercity of Berlin. I loaded a kml file about the
>districts of berlin and put the "net" together with the cloud of points.
>So graphically it works and looks nice. By now I have to find out at
>wihich district shows the most idletimes.
>Do you know a package/program-codeexample which can handle this problem.
>In other words which can count the points located in the several
>I would be very thankful for your help
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