[R] setBreakpoint No source refs found

Andre Mikulec andre_mikulec at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 18 03:35:39 CET 2014


when I am trying to deug a package, I am getting the error.

> library(quantstrat)
> setBreakpoint("strategy.R#3",envir=environment(strategy))
No source refs found.

In R studio, I get a strange message, "Breakpoints will be activated when an updated version of the quantstrat package is loaded."

However, when I do Hmisc, everything works fine.

> library(Hmisc)
> setBreakpoint("F:\\ProgramFiles\\R\\R-3.1.1\\library\\HmiscSRC\\R\\Misc.s#1221", env=environment(hdquantile)) 

 hdquantile step  2 in <environment: namespace:Hmisc>
 hdquantile step  2 in <environment: package:Hmisc>

 Tracing function "hdquantile" in package "namespace:Hmisc"
Tracing function "hdquantile" in package "Hmisc"
Also, I can set "RStudio breakpoints" in R Studio on many lines in Misc.s
What is this error, "No source refs found."

Please help.

 Andre Mikulec 
 Andre_Mikulec at Hotmail.com 		 	   		  

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