[R] Add encoded special characters (greek characters) as text to plot

heyi xiao xiaoheyiyh at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 03:25:45 CET 2014

Dear all,
I read my a character matrix from a text file. Some of them have greek characters. To reserve the special characters, I used stringsAsFactors=F using read.table. I notice that I can’t print these character string using print(), but I can use cat():
> print("LC\246\302")
[1] "LC\246\302"
> cat("LC\246\302\n")

The problem is when I add text to my output plot like:
text(x,y, labels="LC\246\302")

I got "LC.. " on my plot. Obviously text function doesn’t know what’s "\246\302". I google that encoding, and can’t find exact what that is. It doesn’t look like ascii or Unicode. Anybody knows what that is?
Note that I can’t use expression() method to pass these special characters because these are read from a text file, I just can’t include greek characters manually that way. Is there a way that I can output these strings with special characters automatically?
Thank you!

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