[R] x axis position and ggplot2

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Hi Céline


ggplot2 and lattice have different constructs to the base graphics – although they may share some common arguments like xlab, lwd col etc the rest may be totally different. 


In the latticeExtra package I think there is a function to make the lattice look like ggplot. I have never used it as I stick to lattice.


There may be something at Hadley’s web site for ggplot2 that may  do.


The other alternative is to add  the axis labels and the x label with using textGrob from library(grid) to put the axis at the top. It would be a bit fiddly but if you have to …







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Thank you for your answer, I thought we could used something like the "axis" function ( axis(side=3,...)) in ggplot2. 

I didn't find something like this in ggplot and I'm a bite surprised this doesn't exist. 

Sometimes we need to use lattice, grid -thank you Duncan for your help, or ggplot or other package, depending on what we want to show and the type of plot. Anyway, as I really need to use the ggplot package, I suppose that I'll plot my data without the axis on the top.

Have a nice day,




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I do not know ggplot2 well enough to give any advice but as Geff has mention lattice see


myXlabGrob <-
function(...){ ## ...is lab1, lab2, etc

  # you can add arguments to textGrob for more control  in the next line
  labs <- lapply(list(...), textGrob)
  nlabs <- length(labs)

  lab.heights <-
  lapply(labs, function(lab) unit(1, "grobheight", data = list(lab)))

  lab.layout <-
  grid.layout(ncol = nlabs, nrow = 1,
                  heights = do.call(max, lab.heights),
                  widths = unit(1, "null"),
                  respect = TRUE)

  lab.gf <- frameGrob(layout = lab.layout)

  for (i in seq_len(nlabs)){
    lab.gf <- placeGrob(lab.gf, labs[[i]], row = 1, col = i)

xyplot(1:10 ~ 1:10,
        scales = list(x = list(alternating = 2)), # puts scale on the top rather than the bottom
        xlab = "", # removes label at bottom
        xlab.top = myXlabGrob('B')


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Hi all,
Is it possible to change the position of the x axis to have it at the top of the plot when we use the ggplot function ?Thanks for your help,Céline

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