[R] How to build a vignette?

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Yeah, i can write some roxygen2 which transformed to .RD files.
 The pdf of a  package in the cran is not a vignette?  That's to say some packages have not vignettes?
 And the pdf version is generated by me or cran ? If by me , how can i generate it from my .RD files.
i am writing  a package, source R codes are already written but i don't very clear about how to subbmmit to cran.


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At 2014-12-06 11:12:32, "Jeff Newmiller" <jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us> wrote:
>You are not talking about a vignette. That is the pdf version of the help files, automatically generated from the same Rd files as the HTML versions.
>If you are not going to write the Rd file directly, you probably want roxygen. Markdown is weak on links and template structures, and Rd files use a lot of them. RStudio makes using roxygen to generate Rd files easy, though raw Rd files aren't that bad. Keep in mind that you will probably end up learning a bit of Rd syntax even if you preprocess with roxygen, so don't be shy about diving in to section 2 of the "Writing R Extensions" documentation.
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>On December 5, 2014 1:12:36 PM PST, PO SU <rhelpmaillist at 163.com> wrote:
>>Dear expeRts,
>>  I know we can build a vignette from .Rmd file, but  i find a lot of r
>>packages have R topic documented words then followed an index, then
>>functions'document which are already described in .RD files. I mean
>>that , i don't want to write a vignette , but rather using function
>>documents from .Rd files, how can i do?
>> TKS.
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