[R] Difference in cummulative variance depending on print command

Rena Büsch rena.buesch at gmx.de
Fri Dec 5 13:28:15 CET 2014

I am trying a factor analysis via R.
When running the pricipal axis analysis I do get different tables depending
on the print command.
This is my factor analysis:
fa.pa_cor_3_2<- fa(ItemsCor_4, nfactors=3, fm="pa",rotate="oblimin")

To get the h2 I did the following print command:
print (fa.pa_cor_3_2, digits=2, cut=.3, sort=T)
To just get the loadings I did the following print command:
print (fa.pa_cor_3_2$loadings, digits=2, cutoff=.3, sort=T)

The result of the first print is the following Eigenvalue-cumulative
variance table:
                     PA1   PA2  PA3
SS loadings    20.59 18.16 5.03
Proportion Var  0.28  0.25 0.07
Cumulative Var  0.28  0.52 0.59

With the second print command I get a different table:
                     PA1   PA2  PA3
SS loadings    17.63 15.12 3.14
Proportion Var  0.24  0.20 0.04
Cumulative Var  0.24  0.44 0.49

The loadings are the same for both commands. There is just this slight
difference in the cumulative Var.

Does anyone have an idea of a cause for the difference? What can I report?
Did I post enough information to fully understand my problem?
Thanks in Advance

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