[R] change x-axis labels in dlnm's slices figures

Malgosia Lubczynska gosia_jl at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 13:16:56 CET 2014


I am using the dlnm package and I would like
to change the x-axis labels in the slices figures (the figures showing associations along the
range of the predictor at specific lags and along the range of lags at specific
values of the predictor. I am using the
following script:

plot(crosspred, "slices", var=c(33,31,29,28),
lag=c(0,1,2,3), ci.level = 0.95, col=2, ci.arg=list(density=60, col=grey(0.7)))

When I simply add "xlab ="
statement, nothing changes and the labels remain as default (Var and lag). 

Thank you,Gosia
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