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Karim Mezhoud kmezhoud at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:28:08 CET 2014

Dear All,

I am writing a GUIpackage that needs global variables.
I had many warning message when I checked the code as for example:
geteSet: no visible binding for global variable ‘curselectCases’
I would like to write a function that creates a global place for Objects to
be loaded as:

Fun <- function(){

Object <- 5

Var2Global <- function(Object){
.myDataEnv <- new.env(parent=emptyenv()) # not exported
isLoaded <- function(Object) {
    exists(Object, .myDataEnv)
getData <- function(Object) {
    if (!isLoaded(Object)) data(Object, envir=.myDataEnv)


To avoid the use of:  Object <<- 5

but it seems not working yet. Object == 5 is not a global variable after
running Fun().

Any Idea?
 c/ /'_;~~~~kmezhoud
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