[R] rgl WebGL export

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:31:19 CET 2014

On 01/12/2014 4:26 AM, rhelp at numberland.de wrote:
> Dear List members,
> I would be glad to get some tips on the following topic.
> I use rgl package to generate a 3D-cube with labeled dots at certain
> coordinates. After that I try to export the scene as a WebGL
> application. For this I use the syntax from rgl documentation
> "writeWebGL" mentioned in the example - page 94.
> In principle this works, but:
> - using Firefox to view the result, the dots have become quadratic dots,
> and the labels don?t show (i. e. there are only unlabeled dots)
> - using Chrome to view the result, the dots have become quadratic dots
> too, and the labels show up as black beams - nothing can be reads
> Is there a way to get the point labels exported to WebGL?
> Many thanks in advance for any hint.

I don't know what "quadratic dots" are, but I'd suggest that you try the 
version from R-forge.  It has some bug fixes, but it will still be a few 
days or weeks before it makes it to CRAN.  If you still don't get what 
you want, then please put together a simple example and send it to me, 
explaining what you want, and what you see, and I'll try to fix it if 
it's an rgl problem.

Duncan Murdoch

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