[R] "merging" rows that share columns (but not all of them)

arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 04:22:08 CET 2013

May be this helps.  
res <-  join_all(lapply(my.list,function(x) as.data.frame(t(unlist(x)))),type="full")

#      AICc  Intercept   Burned   StandAge TreeDensity RoadDensity Intercept.SE
#1 108.2303 -1.3358063 1.351866 0.05606852  -0.1886327 -0.03904008    0.8392739
#2 207.4494  0.1749414       NA         NA          NA          NA    0.1644731
 # Burned.SE StandAge.SE TreeDensity.SE RoadDensity.SE
#1 0.5440936 0.009632702     0.03885338     0.02995221
#2        NA          NA             NA             NA



I have a list where the columns are generally subsets of a full 
set of columns.  Below is an example where the 1st vector in the list 
has the full set of columns and the 2nd has a very reduced set of those 
columns.  What is a good way to "merge" these lists together so that the
 resulting data.frame has all of the columns and either blanks or NA's 
(whatever) in the empty elements for the reduced set? 

Hopefully that makes sense, and I thank you ahead of time for any suggestions. 

my.list <-  dput( list(out.j[[4]], out.j[[5]]) ) 
list(list(structure(c(108.230267668738, -1.33580630289532, 1.35186573380126, 
0.0560685186378393, -0.188632664093942, -0.0390400817030916, 
0.839273914449761, 0.544093628209087, 0.00963270189999436, 0.038853380878141, 
0.0299522140838543), .Names = c("AICc", "Intercept", "Burned", 
"StandAge", "TreeDensity", "RoadDensity", "Intercept.SE", "Burned.SE", 
"StandAge.SE", "TreeDensity.SE", "RoadDensity.SE"))), structure(c(207.449399095215, 
0.174941449287965, 0.164473092811635), .Names = c("AICc", "Intercept", 

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