[R] XML package not working

Steven Dwayne Randolph randolph_steven_d at lilly.com
Sun Oct 20 15:23:44 CEST 2013

My apologies for not conforming to the posting guideline.

                     sysname                      release                      version 
                   "Windows"                      "7 x64" "build 7601, Service Pack 1" 
                    nodename                      machine                        login 
           "xxxxxxNU247BZ1S"                     "x86-64"                    "XXXXXX" 
                        user               effective_user 
                   "xxxxxxx"                    "xxxxxxx"

When I attempt to install a local copy of the xml.zip file:

in read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type")) : 
  cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In unzip(zipname, exdir = dest) : error 1 in extracting from zip file
2: In read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type")) :
  cannot open compressed file 'XML/DESCRIPTION', probable reason 'No such file or directory'

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On 13-10-19 3:47 PM, Steven Dwayne Randolph wrote:
> I know I  cannot be the only one who is not able to install the XML package from CRAN (zip or tar file)  Many packages depend on this XML package.  Can someone help me either access the source for a good binary?  I have received no assistance from the author/developer of the package.

It installs fine for me.

Duncan Murdoch

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