[R] course: Bayesian Data Analysis with R and WinBUGS

Dr. Pablo E. Verde PabloEmilio.Verde at uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Oct 16 10:13:37 CEST 2013

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Best greetings and apologies for cross-posting. There are available 
places for the course:
"Bayesian Data Analysis with R and WinBUGS", please find the description
of the course below.

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*Three days course in: Bayesian Data Analysis with R and WinBUGS
*Where: Linux Hotel, Essen-Horst, Germany
*When: 07.11-09.11.2013
*Instructor: Dr. Pablo E. Verde
*Target audience:
This course is for data analyst who are familiar with classical statistics
and they want to get a working knowledge in Bayesian analysis. This is a 
3 days
intensive training course with 8 hours per day including lecturing and 
The course presentation is practical with many worked examples. Lectures 
given in English. Discussions can be in English, German or Spanish.
*Course content:
Day 1
*Lecture 1: Introduction to Bayesian Inference
*Lecture 2: Bayesian analysis for single parameter models
*Lecture 3: Prior distributions: univariate

Day 2
*Lecture 4: Bayesian analysis for multiple parameter models
*Lecture 5: An introduction to WinBUGS
*Lecture 6: Multivariate models with WinBUGS

Day 3
*Lecture 7: An introduction to MCMC computations
*Lecture 8: Bayesian regression with WinBUGS
*Lecture 9: Introduction to Hierarchical Statistical modeling

Public sector and commercial: 1088,85 Euro (three days course, included 
Student:  675 Euro (three days course, included VAT). Some of the 
courses are
frequently fully booked. So please notice that you may have to try several
times, until you get a spare place.

**For more information, please contact: info at linuxhotel.de

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