[R] Looking for package to solve for exponent using newton's method

Prof J C Nash (U30A) nashjc at uottawa.ca
Fri Oct 11 17:11:53 CEST 2013

And if you need some extra digits:

myroot<-unirootR(testfn, myint, tol=1e-30)

John Nash

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>> >Hi,
>> >I'm looking for an R function/package that will let me solve problems of the
>> >type:
>> >
>> >13 = 2^x + 3^x.
>> >
>> >The answer to this example is x = 2, but I'm looking for solutions when x
>> >isn't so easily determined. Looking around, it seems that there is no
>> >algebraic solution for x, unless I'm mistaken.  Does anyone know a good
>> >package to solve these types of problems? Are there built in functions to do
>> >this?
>> >
> Univariate equations can be solved with uniroot, available in base R.
> You can also use package nleqslv for this but that is intended for systems of nonlinear equations.
> It does however solve your equation.
> There is also BB which is especially intended for large sparse systems.
> Berend

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