[R] Problems with R

S Ellison S.Ellison at lgcgroup.com
Fri Oct 11 14:22:27 CEST 2013

> I have recently installed R and am trying to do some work on it. 
Congratulations; you are learning one of (possibly the) world's most powerful statistics environments.

> To be honest I'm finding it a PAIN to [use?]. 
You can have cheap, powerful, easy to use statistics software. Pick any two. 
Hm. On second thoughts, pick any one. All really powerful statistics software costs a lot in learning time even if it's free to install.
But the initial barriers subside quite fast with determination. I recall it took me about two days to work out how to get a one-way ANOVA done, but once I had a five-factor ANOVA with partial nesting was a breeze.
> Can you help?
With great power comes great responsibility.
Have you read the posting guide for this mailing list and carried out all of the steps indicated in "Do your homework before posting"? Especially the bit about reading the relevant books and literature that explain and give examples of what different packages do?
Also look at the bit about posting reproducible code so that folk can see what you're attempting to do. Without that, the only help anyone can reasonably give is to tell you to read and follow the posting guide. 


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