[R] knitr and functions generating latex

Daryl Morris darylm at uw.edu
Thu Oct 10 05:36:14 CEST 2013


I have what I think should be a basic question on knitr.  I am just 
moving to knitr, and previously I had created functions which 
automatically created latex wrappers for many (100s) figures.  I also 
have other functions which automatically create pages worth of latex tables.

The knitr method seems to be to write this figure code by hand.

Is there a way to use my pre-existing functions to output latex into the 
.Rnw document?  So far, everything I've tried isn't doing it. (I've been 
modifying the functions to output big strings of latex instead of 
writing files, and trying various methods to print that output into the 
.Rnw file).

It feels like this should be easy... the output of the R-block is latex.

thanks, Daryl

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