[R] trying to compile R in win 7 (with Rtools) ... (bitmapdll - png.h )

Cleber N.Borges klebyn at yahoo.com.br
Sun Oct 6 01:42:10 CEST 2013

I tried to follow the intrusions in
when I type

make bitmapdll (in gnuwin directory)
or make (in gnuwin/bitmap dir)

the libpng and libjpeg seems to compile
but libtiff reclaims by png.h file.

I set in the MkRules.local:
# optional overrides for making bitmapdll: names of source directories
JPEGDIR = C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/jpeg-9
PNGDIR  = C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libpng
TIFFDIR =  C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libtiff

The error snippet:
make CC='gcc -std=gnu99 -m32' AR='ar' RANLIB=ranlib -C 
C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libtiff -f ../Makefile.tiff 
gcc -std=gnu99 -m32  -DHAVE_PNG -DHAVE_JPEG -DHAVE_TIFF -I. 
-I../../extra/zlib -I./C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libpng 
-I./C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libtiff -I../../include -O3 
-Wall -pedantic    -c rbitmap.c -o rbitmap.o
rbitmap.c:53:17: fatal error: png.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make[1]: *** [rbitmap.o] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

so, I don't understand the error because
*The png.h is in C:/Rsrc/R-patched/src/gnuwin32/bitmap/libpng*

I thank for some help


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