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Thu Oct 3 18:01:53 CEST 2013


 h<- matrix(sample(1:40,4*124,replace=TRUE),ncol=4)

 m<- matrix(sample(1:100,10*124,replace=TRUE),ncol=10)
 colnames(h)<- paste0("h",1:4)
 colnames(m)<- paste0("m",1:10)

 res<- lapply(colnames(h),function(x) {x1<- h[,x];dat1<- do.call(rbind,lapply(seq_len(ncol(mat1)),function(i){ x2<- m[,mat1[,i]];GG<- lm(x1~x2[,1]+x2[,2]+x2[,3]+x2[,4]);GGsum<- summary(GG); data.frame( Models=paste(colnames(x2),collapse=","), Multiple_Rsq= GGsum$r.squared, Adjusted_Rsq = GGsum$adj.r.squared, Pval = paste(GGsum$coef[-1,4],collapse=","),stringsAsFactors=FALSE)  })); dat1[rev(order(dat1[,3])),][1:10,]})

names(res)<- colnames(h)


From: eliza botto <eliza_botto at hotmail.com>
To: "smartpink111 at yahoo.com" <smartpink111 at yahoo.com> 
Sent: Thursday, October 3, 2013 11:07 AM
Subject: a simple question

Dear Arun,
I hope you are fine. I actually
wanted to discuss the following problem.
I have a linear model of the
following form. 
GG<-lm(h[,any column]~m[,any
column]+m[,any other column] +m[,any other column] +m[,any other column])
h is matrix with 4 columns and
124 rows
m is matrix with 10 columns and
124 rows
what I want is the following
make a loop command to run the
linear model of all the possible combinations of columns of “m” with each
column of “h”. 
more precisely, if i take column
1 of matrix “h”, it should be linear modeled with every combination of 10 (210
combinations) columns of “m”.
All the columns of “h” & “m”
have certain names (you can suppose any).  The summary(GG) will give Multiple R-squared,    Adjusted R-squared  and 4 values of Pr(>|t|). 
I want in the end a table in the
following format.

Models                                                                           Multiple R-squared        Adjusted R-squared       Pr(>|t|)
Name of columns of m separated by
comma      Multiple R-squared         Adjusted R-squared       Pr(>|t|) separated by comma

For Example 

Models                                                                           Multiple R-squared        Adjusted R-squared       Pr(>|t|)
eliza, allen, murphy, jack                                                 0.544                                     0.56                         0.000114,0.000112,0.01114,0.002114

eliza, allen, murphy, jack are column names.

The models are to be enlisted in the order of their Adjusted R-squared values. The models with highest Adjusted R-squared value should be on the top and so on. i m only interested in top 10 models. so the remaining should be ignored. 

I tried to put in my question everything but if there is anything wrong plz inform me.

Thankyou very much in advance,


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