[R] [sm.density.compare] scale up y-axis and additional line type

Xianwen Chen xchen at dr.com
Tue Oct 1 00:17:53 CEST 2013

Dear fellows,

The two questions are on sm.density.compare(). I compare kernel density 
estimates of two arrays of data.

I'd like to scale up y-axis so that I can show better the differences in 
y values. English is not my first language so I'll try to explain it. I 
would like to stretch y-axis a bit longer but not to change the range of 
y values. How can I do this?

Second, I'm using a solid line for one array of date and a dashed line 
for another array of data. The difference is not easy to see, because 
the two curves are approximate to some degree. Is it possible to plot 
one array of data with *, instead of dash?


Kind regards,


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