[R] XLConnect readWorksheet comma decimal sign

Knut Krueger rh at knut-krueger.de
Mon Nov 25 13:06:35 CET 2013

Am 25.11.2013 11:29, schrieb PIKAL Petr:
> Hi
> Either change comma to dot in Excel (but sometimes Excel is rather reluctant to accept such changes).
> Or change commaa to dot in R which probably can be easily done by gsub command
> Or read data with option dec=",". I do not know XLConnect but in read.table it is optional parameter and maybe it is also readWorksheet.
> Regards
> Petr
read table is not able to read xls and xlsx files

I found the reason there are NA inside the column but
   gdata  read.xls  is doing the job fine, but it needs the perl 
interpreter, nor problem but somthing to install addtionally
   also Rcmdr has also no problems with NA in a decimal data column
   readWorksheet does the job also when no NA is in the column and with 
NA readWorksheet is interpreting the NA like any other text.


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