[R] Appending Excel File Data in different folders into Single Dataframe

arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 22 21:13:55 CET 2013


Suppose I have all the folders in my working directory.
 dir(recursive=T) #created two folders each with a single excel file
#[1] "Folder1/File1.xls" "Folder2/File2.xls"

lst1 <- lapply(dir(recursive=T),function(x) {wb <- loadWorkbook(x); readWorksheet(wb,sheet="Sheet1")}) 

#          State      Lat     Lon                           Address
#1 Anchorage USA 45.87576 -12.567 Starbucks, Van dyke road, 33456, 
#2    Albany USA 42.40000  73.450       1417, Central Avenue, 12205
#          State   Lat    Lon                          Address
#1   Altanta USA 33.45  84.23       441, 16th street NW, 30363
#2 Anchorage USA 61.13 149.54 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, 99654
#3  Amarillo USA 35.11 101.50          900, S. Harrison, 79101


I have about 10 folders in my directory i.e Folder 1  Folder 10. Each 
Folder has a single excel file containing data with the following 
attributes State,lat,lon, address i.e 

State                 Lat                   Lon                    Address 

Anchorage    45.87576     -12.567          Starbucks, Van dyke road, 33456, 

I would like to write a script in R that goes through each folder and 
gathers the data to create a single data frame that has all the data in 
each folder. So I would have a single data frame that consists of all 
observation appended together from in each excel file in each folder in one 
data frame i.e 

State       Lat              Lon             Address 

xxx          xxx               xxx              xxx 

xxx          xxx               xxx              xxx 

xxx          xxx               xxx              xxx 

Please let me know how I would go about this 


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