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I missed the original posting

I think to get the full picture we need to a reproducible example eg by dput
of the data. 

To keep all the information about a plot you can use the par.settings
argument which is an alternative to trellis.par.set().
Try names(trellis.par.get()) to get a list of all the arguments
Or for an individual one
trellis.par.get()$superpose.line # or

The legend colours lines and symbols are controlled by superpose.symbol,
superpose.line and superpose.polygon so setting these can fix things.

par.settings = list(superpose.line = list(lty = 0:7, col = 1:8, lwd = 10)),

The other alternative is to use the key argument eg

key=list(text =list(...),
               lines=list(lty = 0:7, col = 1:8, lwd = 10),
               points = list(...)),   

I frequently put everything in par.settings when I have a simple panel
function eg 

panel = function(x,y,...){
xyplot(x, y, ...)


or when the panel function is not required.



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you didn't show us the code you used to generate the legend.
I'm guessing you want to add to the legend list something like "lty=0:7" .

KB wrote
> I recently started using R, so I'm not really experienced with it. My 
> question is on adjusting xyplots to get lty lines instead of coloured 
> lines.
> My datasets looks about this:
> year    area    species        x
> 1998      1         x1          0.005
> 1998      2         x2          0.006
> etc. 
> year is factor from 1967 to 2013
> area is factor from 1 to 10
> species if factor, with 7 species
> the following code works:
> xyplot(x~Year|Area, data=prob2, groups=Species, type="l", 
> auto.key=TRUE)
> but then I have all coloured lines. 
> when I insert lty=0:7, col="black", it works, however my legend stays 
> with different colours
> What do I have to insert in my code to get black lty lines also in the 
> legend?
> Thanks in advance!

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