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The new lme4 package has a bootMer function, so it is fairly easy to
compute bootstrap statistics.
The following packages could be what you are looking for:
1) lmerTest (see ?lmerTest:::lmer)
2) car (see Anova)
3) afex (see mixed)
4) LMERConvenienceFunctions (see pamer.fnc)


> R 3.0.1
> Windows 7
> Rstudio 0.97.551
> Colleagues,
> The last time I thought about using lmer to run an unbalanced repeated
> measures ANOVA, I found that the package did not return p values or SEs. I
> believe this was because Professor Bates had important questions about the
> theory behind the required computations and was in the process of
> developing a new, improved algorithm. Has this situation changed? Has
> Prof. Bates, or anyone else, implemented a repeated measures ANOVA package
> for R that can be perform unbalanced repeated measures ANOVA and which
> produces valid p values and SEs? If so, what is the name of the package?
> Thank you,
> John
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