[R] Inconsistent results between caret+kernlab versions

Andrew Digby andrewdigby at mac.com
Mon Nov 18 04:46:29 CET 2013

OK, thanks.

I haven't reported the memory map errors because I haven't been able to replicate them reliably: some times they occur, but some times don't, for the same code. I'll have another try, and will report if I can get more information.

Thanks again.

On 18/11/2013, at 14:42 , Max Kuhn <mxkuhn at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew,
>> What I still don't quite understand is which accuracy values from train() I should trust: those using classProbs=T or classProbs=F?
> It depends on whether you need the class probabilities and class
> predictions to match (which they would if classProbs = TRUE).
> Another option is to use a model where this discrepancy does not exist.
>> train often crashes with 'memory map' errors!)?
> I've never seen that. You should describe it more.
> Max

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