[R] Windows 7/Rstudio/Rattle - rattle() Causes R Session to abort

Lopez, Dan lopez235 at llnl.gov
Thu Nov 14 22:41:00 CET 2013

It's happening in the 64bit installation of R I have too (w/o Rstudio). This is R version 2.15.1


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On 13-11-14 3:50 PM, Lopez, Dan wrote:> Windows 7, R 2.15.1 64bit, RStudio 0.97.312, Rattle 2.6.26  >  > Hi,  > Please help.
 > I removed rattle then reinstalled then loaded then attempted to open rattle with rattle(). But each time I do that My R session in R studio aborts and restarts.
 > remove.packages("rattle")
 > install.packages("rattle")
 > library(rattle)
 > How can I fix this? I saw something in rattle-users but that applied to Mac.

Do you have problems running rattle in the plain Rgui.exe?  If not, then this sounds like an RStudio problem, and you should use one of their support sites.

Duncan Murdoch

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